1998 Camaro SS, black, M6, #5251

  I bought my Camaro in the spring of 1998. I call it my 'Make A Wish' car. When diagnosed with  
   stage IV lymphoma I decided to order the fastest car I could afford. Driving the SS back and forth to  
  chemotherapy really helped me through a tough time. Improving the SS performance has been  
  great fun and revitalizing.  
  Enhancements :  
Carbon fiber light covers all around Headlight covers, front turn signal covers, rear tail light covers, from RKSports. They really enhance the stealth look of an all black SS. They are illegal at night. Mine have been on for over two years without being stopped. However I'm not out late much with this car
!CAGS "delete Computer Assisted Gear Selection" from RKSports. Instructions and the way it was packaged made the installation confusing to me. I had to call for assistance. Once it was made clear installation was simple. This is a must mod for an M6 car.
B&M shifter I like the ripper. Installation was straight forward. From TByrne
Hotchkis pan hard rod Red of course. No installation problems.
Hotchkis strut tower Brace The red brace looks good in the black engine bay. From TByrne
Random Technology adjustable torque arm This was a fairly difficult install. This is much stronger looking than the stock torque arm. I have not played with the adjusting yet. From Tbyrne
G2 lower control arms The red control arms installed easily and look good. From Tbyrne
G2 sub frame connectors with xbrace The red connectors aren't installed yet. From Tbyrne
Borla adjustable exhaust Awesome system. The included plates allow you to adjust the sound. I go wide open. It's loud but sounds great like the old muscle cars. I had it professionally installed with lots of weld to prevent any rattling and false KR. From Tbyrne
Nitto drag radials 17" drag radials. Since I don't drive the car in the winter so I leave these on all the time. Despite what Nitto says you must let air out to drag race at the track. From Nitto
svo 30# injectors These Ford injectors are an easy install and upgrade for the LS1. They are much cheaper than GM injectors. Upgrading injectors was part of the solution to detonation problems. From ThunderRacing
Powerdyne supercharger Supercharging my car with Powerdyne has been such an exasperating experience that I have dedicated a page to it. From TByrne
160 thermostat This was a necessary modification because of the supercharger. See SC page. From Powerdyne.
Walbro inline fuel pump This was a necessary modification because of the supercharger. See SC page. From Powerdyne.
MAF translator An inexpensive possible alternative to custom programming. It was an integral part of the solution to my detonation. From Modern Muscle Car. Picture
NGK TR6 sparkplugs A good colder plug for forced induction. I gapped mine at .40. From Thunder Racing
gtech pro A surprisingly accurate dashboard drag strip. But you still have to find a safe, remote stretch of unpatrolled road to use it. From gtech
Autotap This is an indispensable diagnostic tool. You must have a laptop pc to use it. From Atap.
Autometer pod with fuel pressure & boost gauge Boost and fuel pressure gauges are a must with forced induction. An electric fuel pressure gauge is very expensive. The pod on the Apillar looks cool. From Summit Racing
pcv check valve Boost pressure was blowing past the pcv valve into the crankcase. Installed a check valve. Pictures
Centerforce dual friction clutch Have completed 500 mile break in. Feels ok. Car feels much stronger.
hpp3 programming Reprogrammed for 160 thermostat, redline reset to 6200rpm, top end reset to 184mph.
Coolflex radiator hoses Red and black polished copper radiator hoses in a custom configuration to avoid warming of intake air temperatures. Expensive but cool looking. Pictures
Walbro 340 fuel pump Replaced stock in tank fuel pump with 255lph pump. This has solved the problem of fuel pressure dropping under boost. Pictures
Autometer mini shift light Adjustable with plug in modules. Picture
SLP SS grille Minnesota requires displaying a front license plate. The looks of the SS grille would be spoiled by a plate. I am fabricating a temporary (invisible)license plate holder so I can attach the plate when I feel I should. Pictures
Hooker ceramic coated long tube headers with ceramic coated Off road Y pipe One of the best mods I have made. The performance increase feels significant. I can't wait to see what the dyno says. Pictures
LS1_Edit This is a comprehensive software package that enables one to completely reprogram the pcm. This is a very powerful tool.
Valentine One radar detector The most important enhancement. V1 is expensive but still the best. From V1

Performance : Dyno before MAF translator, svo's, and supercharger modification, and headers. Dyno stopped at 5400rpms because of detonation. 381 rwhp, 381 fbtq. Track performance has been disappointing. Poor launching is my major problem. With a new clutch , based on comparably modded LS1s I should see low 12's or even high 11's.
Next Projects :  T/A cover, new dyno and track numbers.

My Supercharged Camaro SS
Last updated Tuesday, August 25, 2009