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    In short, My Powerdyne experience has been terrible.  
    I purchased a 4.5# LS1 supercharger kit in January, 2000 for $2,549.99. I was one of just a handful to buy the 4.5# kit. The kit was delivered without instructions. I've never seen a parts list. When delivered, the instruction manual was cryptic at best.  



  As you can see by the instruction cover, Powerdyne clearly states their kit is for an SS. The instructions require the modification of the upper radiator hose to include a PD supplied metal tubing. The SS has a power steering cooler system in the upper radiator hose. Thus making their modification impossible. When I called PD they insinuated I didn't know what I was talking about because their Z28 did not have the ps cooler. When they discovered that the ps cooler is standard equipment on the SS they said they would get back to me with a solution. They never did! Their eventual unofficial response to my numerous inquiries was "just remove the ps cooler". This incident revealed that PD had done their research and development on one car, the boss's 1998 Z28.
    PD does not offer a toll free support number. They did not return my calls (even the owner did not return my phone call). I have spent over $100 in long distance phone calls. I was lied to so often by PD that they couldn't keep their stories(lies) straight.  
    The biggest issue/problem with the kit was overheating. Instead of designing their system to coexist with the GM's proven and integral cooling configuration they redesigned GM's cooling system. They failed. The kit requires the removal and replacement of the stock cooling fans and fan shroud. The replacement fans were undeniably inadequate. Their final solution was: a) install two pusher fans in front of the ac condenser b) install one puller fan behind the radiator c) replace the stock thermostat with a 160 degree thermostat d) reprogram for the new thermostat and fans. This solution is still unable to keep the car from overheating in summertime stop and go traffic. I was told by a Powerdyne support technician that when my Superchips program arrived to just use it to change the 160 thermostat fan on setting. He said that I should not use the rest of the Superchips program because it would be for a 6# kit. A Superchips programmer arrived eight months later. There was not one word of explanation or instruction from PD as to what I should do or what the programmer would do!!!! I swore I would not use the Powerdyne/Superchips programmer. Well, shame on me. A few months later I thought I would just reprogram for the 160 thermostat. Unfortunately, with the Superchips programmer any changes you make will also include the custom Powerdyne/Superchips reprogramming. When it finished reprogramming I could no longer drive my car!! My pcm(computer) was so messed up the car barely idled, I couldn't shift gears, and I couldn't reset my pcm to the factory default setting. I had to remove the pcm from my car and send it to Superchips. Superchips reprogrammed it and sent it back    
    The other big issue/problem with the kit was detonation. Per PD's recommendation I bought gauges and their inline fuel pump ( yes I had to pay for their pump!). Eventually I bought larger SVO 30# injectors and a MAFTranslator. With a new intank Walbro 340 fuel pump and LS1-Edit I no longer have detonation problems.  
    Before I purchased this kit I was made aware that many previous Mustang owners were dissatisfied with their Powerdyne experience. I checked the Powerdyne record at the Better Business Bureau. The BBB had no history on Powerdyne. In June, 2000 I registered a complaint against Powerdyne Automotive with the BBB. Powerdyne did not respond to me, did not respond to others that complained, and did not even respond to the BBB. As a result, here is what the BBB says about PD:  
    "Based on our standards, we rate this company as having an unsatisfactory business record. An unsatisfactory rating is given when a pattern in the company's customer complaints causes us concern, when the company does not respond to complaints, or when it will not substantiate its advertising claims. In this case, our complaint history for this company shows that the business has not responded to customer complaints brought to its attention by the Bureau. A Better Business Bureau report is based on our file information and experience with an individual company over the past three years. The Bureau does not endorse, recommend, or disapprove of any company, product or service."  
    Powerdyne has since discontinued the 4.5# kit. I can only say "Caveat emptor!"  

Last updated Tuesday, August 25, 2009