I've added on to my attached two car garage. The only way I could add on was to extend out the back.  
   I now have a 20X42 four car garage that I have decided to make more than just a place to park cars.  
  Here are some of the current and planned features.  
  current features:  
electrical outlets every four feet
ceiling fan
covered overhead and under workbench storage
insulated and white melamine panelled walls
insulated ceiling
removable stairwell insert(allows driving to back stall)
access door to 12X16 under deck storage area
1 part epoxy white garage floor paint
Modine 50,000 btu natural gas heater

planned features:

ceiling panels to match walls
lots of overhead lighting
car lift system


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  New addition. Shows door to house, removable stairwell insert, and access door to under deck storage. New addition. Shows covered electric box, and panelled walls.  
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  I applied two coats of Behr 1 Part epoxy Garage Floor Paint. I am disappointed with the results. I was expecting more of an epoxy finish. It went on like paint, it looks like paint, and it feels like paint. I wish I would have spent more for a better epoxy product. After all the preparation work and three gallons of $23 per gal. paint I feel like I wasted the time and money. All white looks good. But I don't know if I'm going to do the same to the front half of the garage. The arrows are pointing to the scrap lumber I used to lift and hold the work bench top so that the legs are actually off the floor. I could then just push the legs aside to paint underneath them.  
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  I bought some cheap carpet for under the Chevelle and Camaro. The work bench area is back together.  
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  The Chevelle looks good in its new surrounding. I received a Modine 50,000 btu overhead natural gas heater for my birthday from Tim and Saundra.  
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  With some help I now have a heated garage!    

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Last updated Tuesday, August 25, 2009