Diagnosis : Original diagnosis was made on Good Friday, 1998. That diagnosis was stage IV small indolent lymphocytic lymphoma. This is a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The cancer has attacked my bone marrow and my spleen.

Treatment : Three cycles of chemotherapy treatment with Cytoxan, Vincristine, and Prednisone did not produce any results. Chemotherapy with Fludarabine caused pneumonia, neutropinea and a week in isolation in the hospital. Completion of the chemotherapy has resulted in remission. I report for a physical and blood checks (no more CT scans) in twelve months.  Next checkup  - September, 2010.

Current Status :September, 2010. No indication of resurgence. Checkup September 24, 2010. Physical examination was negative. Blood counts were good. Blood pressure good. No indication of resurgence. This checkup marked the eleventh year since the completion of chemotherapy!   By the grace of God and the prayers of many I am active and enjoying this gift of life. Please continue to pray for me.



'So Far So Good' strategy :


  Carpe Diem, Quisque Diem - Seize the day, each day, every day


  Be spiritually active - pray, ask for prayers, prayer works!


 Be physically active - exercise, yoga, hobbies, try new things


 Take vitamins - hi potency multivitamin, 1g C, 400iu natural E, 100mg selenium, green tea extract


  Drink green tea - the more green tea the better. Check out this link to green tea info. You will be surprised.


  Reduce alcohol consumption


  Eat healthier


Greg's Cancer
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